Polymer Tungsten Sheet

Tungsten Polymer Picture

Previous radiation shielding products have been made mainly from sheets of metal such as lead, making them heavy and hard to handle, and there have been concerns about their effects on the human body. By contrast, tungsten polymer sheet is comprised of soft thermoplastic lassoers integrated with an inorganic substance that shields against radiation. Outstanding features are its flexibility and ease of handling.

The raw materials used in tungsten polymer sheet have been proven to be safe and have no effect on the human body. Tungsten polymer sheet is a high-polymer material that possesses the properties of both plastic and rubber. The tungsten polymer sheets can be cut or holed with household scissors and formed into shapes with various curved surfaces.

Tungsten polymer sheet can be used in:
Radiation shielding and radiation-protective equipment;
X-ray inspection device for industrial and medical use;
Gamma-ray shielding material and substitute for lead fiber mat in nuclear reactor piping systems.