Polymer Tungsten Security Curtain

Polymer Tungsten Security Curtain Photo

Nowadays, security checkpoints are very common, and such devices are available at security checkpoints in railway stations, bus stations, airports, subways and other places. The theory is that through X-ray fluoroscopy, the items in the suitcase will be displayed on the screen in the form of images, to identify suspicious items and timely eliminate possible dangers. And the curtain on the security device, you'll notice that it's not just a regular rubber curtain. It's used to block x-rays, which is a protective device that prevents them from leaking out.

The point of screening radiation protection is to put a screen material between the radiation source and the human body, which can effectively absorb radiation. The shielding material of a certain thickness can weaken the intensity of radiation. If the shielding material of sufficient thickness is set between the radiation source and the human body, the radiation level can be reduced, and the dose received by people can be reduced below the maximum allowable dose to ensure personal safety and achieve the purpose of protection. If the security checkpoints lack the security curtain, or the passengers lift the curtain, it will not only affect the scanning image of luggage and cause image damage, but also cause X-ray leakage, which will endanger human health, especially pregnant women and babies.

Tungsten polymer security curtain is a new kind of curtain made of tungsten polymer, which has good radiation resistance and can reach or even exceed the density and radiation shielding level of the lead curtain. It also has good ductility and flexibility, which can be flexible, soft texture. The most important thing is that it is non-toxic and harmless, which will not cause pollution to the environment, harm to human body. So, it has become the best alternative to lead curtain. However, it should be noted that when items pass through the security checkpoint, passengers do not lift the security curtain, otherwise a small amount of radiation will leak.