Polymer Tungsten Property

Polymer Tungsten Sheet Photo

As an ideal substitute material for lead, the polymer tungsten exhibit many excellent properties or special characteristics such as high density, perfect radiation shielding performance against X-ray and γ-ray, good flexibility, excellent workability and perfect environmental suitability. This non-hazardous, versatile product comes in a variety of shapes for use in many hard-to-shield applications and have been effectively utilized in many shielding applications such as nuclear medicine, nuclear energy, nuclear military, aerospace and sports.

Perfect radiation shielding performance: high density, provides an alternative material for solving the problem of lead in non-hazardous radiation shielding applications.
Good flexibility: with rubbery feel and good flex fatigue resistance, overturn the conventional touch of tungsten metal and tungsten alloys.
Excellent workability: soft and smooth, easy to work with and cut, high flexible in shape.
Perfect environmental suitability: Non-toxic, non pollution to soil, water and air.
Qualification: The corresponding products have passed the European RoHS certification and the X-ray protection test of National Institute for Radiological Protection, China CDC.

Polymer Tungsten Sheet Property Photo